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Aster - Ametrine, Freshwater Pearl, Tanzanite Gemstone Bracelet

Aster - Ametrine, Freshwater Pearl, Tanzanite Gemstone Bracelet

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Bloom with Aster! Aster features a beautiful, focal piece of Ametrine surrounded by Freshwater Pearls, Tanzanite and 14K Gold-Filled beads.  


Made to 7 inches and has a comfortable, loose fit.  Please note if you need a different size at checkout.


Amethyst: Provides balance, encourages self-confidence, relieves stress and enhances spirituality and spiritual awareness.


Citrine: Encourages creativity and positivity, inspires happiness, helps manifest abundance, wealth and prosperity as well as increases self-confidence.


Tanzanite: Promotes communication and self-expression, brings a peaceful, joyful and calming energy, removes anxiety and stress and improves spirituality and spiritual awareness.


When purchasing items with gemstones, there is no such thing as perfect. Each stone has their own variation and look. Any scratches or inclusions in the stone is what makes each piece unique and one of kind! Embrace them and enjoy them in all their beauty!

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