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Tide - Chalcedony, Moonstone and Tanzanite Gemstone Earrings

Tide - Chalcedony, Moonstone and Tanzanite Gemstone Earrings

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Tide brings the bubbling sea spray against the sea green waters and night sky to life with Moonstone baubles between Tanzanite and teal Chalcedony gemstones. These earrings are 2 inches.

Chalcedony: Inspires creativity and happiness, encourages self-confidence, stimulates growth and learning.

Moonstone: Known as the stone for new beginnings, Moonstone enhances inner growth and strength, brings healing and calming energy, relieves anxiety and stress, promotes inspiration and attracts success and love in both personal and professional relationships.

Tanzanite: Promotes communication and self-expression, brings a peaceful, joyful and calming energy, removes anxiety and stress and improves spirituality and spiritual awareness.

When purchasing items with gemstones, there is no such thing as perfect. Each stone has their own variation and look. Any scratches or inclusions in the stone is what makes each piece unique and one of kind! Embrace them and enjoy them in all their beauty! 

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